SRI Colors are being used by industries like Textile, Carpet, Home Furnishing, Yarn manufacturing, Textile manufacturer etc. Sri Color System are very useful to make transparency & color combination of textile & carpet industry.

Number’s of the colors in D-Series 640, E-Series 640, G- Series 640 are not the same as in these boxes having their unique color and different shades and features.

Dimension of SRI 1500 Regular is 52CM X 40CM X 25CM:  Gross Weight 16.800KG.

Dimension of SRI 1500 Regular is 51CM X 42CM X 10CM & Gross Weight 5.900KG.

The Size & Dimension of SRI SRI F- Series Viscose 640 is 43CM X 29CM X 22CM & gross weight 8.700KG.

Natural fibers have a tendency of fading due to factors such as handling, improper storage, light exposure, humidity which are all uncontrollable factors. Therefore, we recommend you to update your SRI Color Reference system subject to slight color fedness otherwise you are likely to be using faded or inaccurate colors. 

Yes we can customize according to your choice and requirements. We can offer you any size and shape of box which can hold any number of Poms. We can print or embossed your Brand or Company logo on the color boxes as well as the shade numbers and small initial of your company on each of the poms.

For customization the MQO (Minimum Quantity Order) is 25 boxes.

Yes anybody who are using SRI Colors Same Box as requirement of POM, They contact us for a single SRI Color Pom at the cost of US$ 6.00 plus freight..

All the associated expenses like freight, and import duties will be paid by the buyer.

International Buyer can receive their shipment within a week..